Organizations that rely on subscription research information and SaaS solutions must manage myriad vendors, contracts, and users. Purchases are often made at the department level, making central oversight difficult, if not impossible. And even when contracts are approved and executed centrally, the sheer number and complexity of them poses management challenges, which are frequently addressed with laborious manual processes and by retrofitting applications intended for other purposes.


Could you be:

Paying for too many users?

Continuing subscriptions for people who have left your organization?

Overpaying for under-utilized contracts?

Exceeding your contract commitment and paying a penalty?

Paying for duplicate contracts?

Unintentionally auto-renewing subscriptions you no longer want?

Risking copyright and distribution rights violations?

From Chaos to Control


AREUS is a research portfolio management and cost control solution designed specifically for subscription products. AREUS automatically tracks vendors, contract values, users, renewals, and more, giving organizations a full-picture view to make informed decisions, streamline processes, ensure appropriate access and distribution, control costs, and optimize investments.


Say good-bye to email attachments, merging and purging from disparate lists, keeping up with access requests, compiling reports, and paying too much. AREUS makes research portfolio management easy with:


  • Duplicate contract elimination
  • Proactive alerts for upcoming renewals and cancellations
  • User and usage tracking and controls
    • Track resignations, job changes and terminations
    • Licensed users vs. actual users
    • Usage vs. commitment
  • Functional Reports
    • Usage and user subscriptions
    • Cost by department and user
    • Vendor and subscription usage
    • Open Invoices, total enterprise spend
  • Vendor history and correspondence


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