Who We Are

Iconitel specializes in the management of information resources, applying our vast industry expertise and innovative technology to ensure that our client organizations have access to the research and data they need at the lowest possible cost.


Working closely with our clients to meet their evolving needs, Iconitel offers a unique and creative set of solutions ranging from comprehensive research portfolio management engagements to automated software solutions.


We take pride in continuously innovating, improving, and expanding our services to optimize your information resources.

Our Background

Founded in 2003 to provide much-needed contract management consulting services to the many organizations whose information retrieval services had become unwieldly and expensive, Iconitel quickly grew to negotiate with more than 650 vendors comprising 1,200 individual subscription services, delivering immediate return on investment (ROI) for clients around the world, including many Fortune 500 companies.


While providing consulting services, such as information audits and contract negotiations, the Iconitel team recognized the need for a contract management software that would serve the specialized needs of information centers and acquisitions professionals going forward. No commercially available application quite fit the bill, so they set to work to design and build AREUS (Annual Renewal and Enterprise User System).


Iconitel later merged with Accelevant, leveraging its technology experience to improve and expand upon AREUS and creating a dynamic company offering state-of-the-art technology that complements our expert consulting services for a complete information optimization solution.