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Research portfolio management has become more and more challenging for data-dependent organizations due to:

Rising Prices:

Regular price increases, which can be difficult to track when costs are contingent upon number of users, standard and premium content, usage of special features, etc.

Consolidated Sources:

 The largest providers account for 50 – 75 percent of most in-demand sources, depending on your industry, and each has some highly valuable – and exclusive – content.

Switching Hassle:

Even when content is available from multiple sources, moving from providers that users know and are comfortable with can be difficult and often requires an investment in new product training.

Multiple and Duplicate Contracts:

Large enterprises often have multiple departments independently subscribing with the same vendors, unwittingly duplicating services.

Optimizing data services, while minimizing costs, requires a comprehensive approach that includes understanding demand and usage patterns, current sources and contract terms, and price bench-marking within the context of your industry and user types.

ICONITEL can help in the following ways:

Information Audit

A comprehensive assessment of all online subscription information services, documenting sources, use and users, flow and costs in order to review within the context of your organization’s objectives.

Contract Negotiation

Organizations assume that they will have to pay a premium price for authoritative information. The opportunity to negotiate better pricing does exist and many organizations underestimate its potential.

Contract Management

Our contract management solutions help bridge the gap between resource-intensive manual processes and a fully automated contract management solution. Assisting our customers to reduce cost.

Price Benchmarking

Price Benchmark Analysis Reports provide unbiased and insightful pricing comparisons of your data subscription services against a range of organizations who use similar services (the Peer Group).

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