What the Market Has to Say

Client Testimonials!

“AREUS comes closest to a complete solution for all aspects of Supplier Portfolio Management tracking.”

“Senior Management is going to love this! For the first time in history of our company, we have a single access point for managing, reporting and tracking all our syndicated content licenses”

“AREUS will enable us to understand the full global and regional contract portfolio and let local offices enter their local contracts as well. It’s a central database for all contracts and can also be used to track usage and individual departmental licenses. It will be critical for succession planning to have this tool that centralizes all the information.”

“AREUSConnect is addressing our greatest challenge – cost effective and efficient contract management. Their consulting services and strategies have saved our company a significant amount of time and money. Further, their deep industry knowledge and experience with syndicated content management has empowered the corporate library tremendously”

“AREUSConnect our efficiency & compliance tool!”